The "Type B" Engine Project

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  The "type B" was designed as a neatly styled inverted engine. It uses an over-hung crankshaft/flywheel that sits above a finned, air-cooled cylinder. All design, pattern work & machining was done by RMC.

Casting kits available;

Unmachined casting kits are available with complete machining plans to build the RMC "modified" RL cycle engine. This is a unique, reversible, valve-less 2-stroke engine that can run as a hit & miss, (or by simply locking a governor screw), it can run as a throttler engine. This engine uses spark ignition & runs off regular gasoline fumes from a simple vapor carburetor. Note: A small lathe & mill will be needed to machine the castings.

*All Grey-Iron Castings*

*7/8" Bore x 1-1/8" Stroke, 5-3/4" diameter Flywheel & 10-1/2" tall*

*Speeds from 150 to 1500 rpm*

*Detailed Nameplate with Individual Stamped Engine #*


=Other Notes:

*Few, if any, finished & running engines will be available at any time;

*Wooden "RMC" logo show boxes are also available at certain times.

(E-mail for more information & pricing)